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...something very hard

Painting plus quotes
From "Her Privates We" in which Frederick Manning reinvents himself as Bourne, presenting the war - WW1 - in all its boredom, misery and uncertainty. "When breakfast came they seemed to have no appetite, but once they had started, they ate like famishing wolves, mopping up the last smear of bacon fat and charred fragments from the bottom of the pan with their bread." ......................,,"It seemed that once they were in the front line, men lost a great deal of their individuality; their characters, even their faces, seemed to become more uniform; himself each man became conscious of his own personality as of SOMETHING VERY HARD, and sharply defined against a background of other men..he had to explore that doubtful darkness alone...grasping one support after it slid into the unsubstantial past. If a man could not be certain of himself, he could be certain of nothing. The problem which confronted them...the affirmation of their own will in the face of death."......... .......,, Old Tales V

(Oil on muslin on wood 45x50cm)