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"Closeness to my grandmother and her ancestral home in Northumberland

had a big influence on my development as an artist. Being with her always felt right.

Being sure enough of a feeling to express it through art is a gift which she gave me.

Past + Present = Painting" Jonathan Parker


Another wild figure that Parker would concentrate on as a child, particularly in moments of fear,

was Tarzan. The arc of his swing resolves any crisis and so it is, too, in Parker's mature art practice.

He avoids using a grid of squares to compose a picture, instead learning to use a jumble of diagonals

and arcs to jump from artwork to artwork, whatever the subject matter. Importantly, he can keep his

head still and remain free to paint and draw in a way that makes sense.

Paintings from the Wallington studio became the subject of a symposium and exhibition

at Trevelyan College, Durham University, in 2017, led by Professor Andrew Beresford.

Title: "Familiarity and Mystery"

Familiarity and Mystery PDF

Time and Tide Collection (2012-).

True vision

Revolutionary studio