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About The Old Artist

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Parker (born Belfast 1968) won the Royal Academy Richard Ford Award
in 1992 with a promise to develop his feel for time through painting.
This was inspired by two seemingly disparate experiences; on the one
hand a lively existence within a frozen museum space in Northumberland 
and on the other hand, a taste of life in the 'Socialism or
Death' heat of Havana, where he had his first breakthrough one-man
show, aged 22: 'Dibujos/drawings'. (May 1991)

Cuban poet Nicholas Lara described Parker thus; voz callada que suena
con su bisabuelo utopico /
a hushed voice that dreams of his 
idealistic great grandfather.

Parker's exhibitions with Mercury gallery in Cork Street (1997-2000)
then placed his work in relation to 20th century British and European
Art and showed how breaking new ground, within a figurative tradition,
is valued by the fine art collector. Dealer Gillian Raffles (now retired)
considered Parker's paintings to have a mystery and poetry which are
now rarely found in painters, brought into his work from his feeling for

Time and Tide Collection (2012-2015)
Standing Figures.


2014 Spanish Art in County Durham
Auckland Castle Trust, Bowes Museum, Durham University

2015 40 Years of Painting - Camberwell Students and Teachers 1945 -1985
Belgrave St. Ives
2017 Familiarity and Mystery
Professor Andrew Beresford, Durham University