Jonathan Parker
In his varied and sometimes surreal paintings, Jonathan Parker (b. 1968) weaves together different narratives over time. The spontaneity of his brushwork, in response to the light of a particular moment, is harmonised by his drawing on the past, thereby giving the artwork richer symbolic value. This promotes enquiry from the viewer and the intriguing feeling that more remains to be discovered within the works each time they are viewed.

From his studio in Wimbledon, Parker's diverse recent works maintain their consistent quality through the secrets of their composition. Trigger points of emotion are found through the unique arrangement of subtle lines and arcs which locate the viewer within his paintings, focusing attention on specific points of interests in both his portraits and the landscapes and interiors. Just like the memory of certain specific details in a dream, the recollection of these points of focus means Parker's works resonate over time, triggering a desire to return to and explore his compositions further. This website displays the range of his portfolio and a selection of his artworks are currently being curated by Brocket Gallery.

Over the past 30 years, he has shown his works across the world - from Havana in 1991 (which led to him winning the Royal Academy’s Richard Ford award) to Manama in 2019. Some of his work has found a home in (British) National Collections, Universities and Country houses. He had a permanent collection on show in Mayfair from 2011-2020.

Regular updates on Jonathan's work can be found on instagram.