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      "As a child I loved one painting above all others. In it a figure with a billowing crimson

cape steps off a chariot. He is taking a big step from quite a height but his leg, which is taking

all the weight, does not rest on anything. His heel nearly connects to the hub of the chariot wheel,

waiting to be pulled by two leopards (or are they cheetahs?) but it doesn’t. He’s in mid-air.

This intrigued me every time I saw it and it still does."

..........................................Jonathan Parker 2018 about Bacchus and Ariadne by Titian 1523


Since 2011 Parker has kept up a permanent showcase agreement with Lloyds Private Bank

in Mayfair, originally exhibiting his River Collection (River and Rowing Museum 2010/11),

much of which was sold to Andrew and Zoe Law shortly before their £1million donation to the

Lowry. Currently the Hill Street Hang features large paintings from the 'Flights from Gravity' series.


In recent years Parker has also enjoyed the patronage of King's College School,

Wimbledon and Trevelyan College, Durham University, the latter holding a Jonathan Parker

symposium and exhibition; 'Familiarity and Mystery' (2017). This followed his inclusion in

'Spanish Art in County Durham', a book commissioned by Jonathan Ruffer at the start of the

Auckland Castle Project. Other paintings and drawings by the artist sit in collections of 20th

century art owned by people well-known in the art world, including Danny Katz.


Parker, born in Belfast in 1968, grew up in Twickenham, Middlesx, going on to attend KCS

Wimbledon and Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. He then lived in Spain for two years

before graduating from Northumbria University with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, and was winner

of the Royal Academy Richard Ford Award in 1992. He undertook a screen print apprenticeship

in Havana, Cuba, combining this unique experience with his first exhibition of drawings outside

Europe ('Dibujos' 1991). His first solo show in London was with Mercury in Cork Street in 2000.


The National Trust country house, Wallington in Northumberland has been an important place

for his artwork (see artuk.org) culminating in the 'true vision' studio paintings (2011-2013).

Apart from Zaragoza, Havana, Newcastle and Belfast, Parker has always lived in London, now

having the same studio in Wimbledon for over 25 years, where he acts as test pilot for painting

figuratively with oil on muslin on wood. In tandem with his family commitments - three children

approaching and in early adulthood - Parker's dealings with the art world have been guided

throughout by his wife Helena Christy.


".....................A good artist is like a good joke because however passionate and seriousthe artist

or hilarious and funny the joke, success for both depends on something spontaneous,

as in the old joke about the secret of great comedy: I say, I say, I say, what is the secret of

grTIMING"..................................Jonathan Parker 2015 in Hill Street


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